Welcome to Steven Brooks International

Steven Brooks International is an end-time ministry with a focus on strengthening the church and taking the Gospel to the nations of the earth.  Pastors Steven and Kelly have traveled  throughout the world ministering the love of Jesus.  They continue to reach multitudes of souls through the ministry outreaches of television, the internet, books, social media and public meetings.  Pastor Steven is widely known for his ability to teach God’s Word in a clear and understandable way to new believers as well as to those who have been in the faith for decades.  His messages are full of faith and hope which provides the inspiration for change and decisive action within one's life.  The Holy Spirit moves in wonderful ways when he ministers, causing Jesus to be exalted and lives to be transformed.  He walks in a powerful healing anointing and operates in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Steven is a husband, father, minister, and author who has devoted his life to bringing the bread of God's Word to the hungry.  We welcome you to our website and we invite you to be a part of this ministry as we serve the Lord Jesus in the fields that are ripe for harvest.

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