About Us

Pastor Steven Brooks is a husband, father, minister, and best-selling author who is a prophetic revealer of spiritual realities within the kingdom of God. He is widely known for his ability to teach God’s Word in a clear and understandable way to new believers as well as to those who have been in the faith for decades. The Holy Spirit moves in wonderful ways as he ministers, causing the oil of joy to flow abundantly and for all manner of burdens, yokes, and spiritual chains to be destroyed. He operates strongly in all nine gifts of the Spirit, with a remarkable anointing in the area of discerning of spirits and the working of miracles. Supernatural signs and wonders follow him as he ministers, and many people are drawn into a hunger for a deeper walk with God. Along with his wife Kelly, they have traveled throughout the world ministering the word of God, while also daily reaching out to multitudes of souls through their half-hour television program called Pure Gold with Steven Brooks. Pastor Steven’s messages are watched in many nations on various internet platforms, as well as through many branches of social media. His books continue to make an impact around the world, having been translated from English into Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, and other languages.